Over 300 years ago in the city of Istanbul in Turkey, the first cymbals began to be produced using the magical, almost alchemist skills of local Cymbalsmiths who passionately crafted each one by hand with keen eyes and immeasureable attention to detail. Despite advancements in technology and the art of handmade cymbal making still exists to this very day and the Cymbalsmiths of Turkey are still considered to be the best in the world.

Here at Amedia we are a family business and have proudly continued this heritage since 2005 by locating our sole independant factory in Istanbul. Here our Master Cymbalsmiths pay just as much attention to detail and craftsmanship to each and every cymbal they make using the same methods and techniques just like their ancestors before them, to give each cymbal it's own unique 'human' characteristics and 'voice'.

Eremya Arzat - Amedia Master Cymbalsmith

Eremya began his apprenticeship at just 15 years of age with what was then Turkey's finest cymbalsmiths. From then on and for the past 30+ years almost every present qualified Cymbalsmith in Turkey, has been personally trained, guided and developed by Eremya.

Ahmet Baykusak - Master Hammersmith and Factory Owner

Ahmet was one of the aforementioned apprentices of Eremya Arzat and began his apprenticeship over 20 years ago. Ahmet is also one of the owners of Amedia Cymbals in Istanbul and as Master Hammersmith is responsible for most of the models created through experimentation with Eremya, such models as 'Ahmet Legend', 'Eremya', 'Old School', 'Kommagene' to name a few.
Ahmet's passion for quality extends to the point that every cymbal must pass his incredibly high standards for craftsmanship and integrity before it leaves the factory. Those very few that don't are broken up and melted down to re-produce new cymbals.

Hamdi Baykusak - Master Handlather

Hamdi is the brother of Ahmet and like him and fellow apprentices in Turkey he spent many years training as a Master Handlather under the watchful eye of his tutor. Using traditional lathing tools Hamdusana's role is very important in producing the 'bedrock' sound and appearance of each cymbal prior to it then being passed on for it's hammering phase. Keeping a close eye on the cymbal as it spins around at 1000's of revolutions per minute Hamdusana is respected for his knowledge of how to work the lathing tools with precision and care as one mistake could mean the cymbal is discarded and the whole time consuming process would be required to start again.

Saban Baykusak - Chief Hammersmith and Factory Owner

Saban is Ahmet's cousin and also a co-owner of the factory in Istanbul. He; like Ahmet is also responsible for the intricate hammering of Amedia cymbals which give each one it's unique sound and sonic 'shape'. The hammering process of the cymbals at Amedia is considered to be one of the most important factors when nurturing the cymbal from it's birth in the smelting pot to it's final destination of being played and Saban takes his role very seriously. With his keen eye and finely tuned ear Saban's careful hammering skills add the 'magic' touches to the cymbals to give them that GENUINE handmade, hand-hammered sound which lacks in mass industrial produced machine hammered cymbals from other brands.

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