We take immense pride in producing the very best professional handmade turkish cymbals available and ensure that all our cymbals when they leave the factory are free from defects in the material or workmanship which will ultimately affect their sonic qualities.

Your cymbals when used under normal playing conditions will give you years and years of pleasure and are guaranteed for 18 months from date of original purchase.

However, should you sadly discover a fault with your cymbal then you must contact Amedia Cymbals (UK) as soon as possible. To make a claim under our warranty you must adhere and accept the following process -

1) Mark the area/s of the cymbal you believe to be faulty.

2) Take a photograph of each fault and forward via email to 'contact@amediacymbals-uk.com' with a brief explanation of the fault/s.

If Amedia Cymbals (UK) deems your cymbal to be faulty then we will forward you a replacement free of charge subject to the following terms -

1) The faulty cymbal is sufficiently packaged by the customer to prevent any further damage on it's return.

2) The cost of returning the faulty cymbal/s to Amedia Cymbals (UK) is the responsibility of the customer and we strongly suggest a recorded delivery method of carriage as Amedia Cymbals (UK) cannot accept responsibility for any items lost in transit.

3) The customer accepts that in view of all our cymbals being produced 'handmade to order' a replacement cymbal if not in stock may take 6-7 weeks to be manufactured and delivered to you. An 'in stock' alternative cymbal may also be offered as a replacment for your faulty cymbal.

4) The cost of delivery of your replacement cymbal will be the responsibility of Amedia Cymbals (UK).

Please note a claim under the waranty cannot be made if the fault reported is due to the following conditions -

1) The 18 month date of warranty has expired

2) Cracks and/or splits have developed as a result of misuse

3) Any improper handling

4) Keyholing has occurred due to improper mounting

5) The cymbal is pre-owned and was not originally purchased by you OR it has not been purchased via Amedia Cymbals (UK)

Our liability under this warranty is limited to repairing, replacing or issuing credit at the discretion of Amedia Cymbals (UK) for products which are deemed defective within the warranty period as outlined. Determination as to whether a product is defective/faulty rests with Amedia Cymbals (UK) and their decision is final.

In no event will Amedia Cymbals (UK) be responsible or liable for any consequential or special damages.

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